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Help I Need Gift Ideas is your one stop shop for awesome stuff from around the web.  We've compiled what we think are the coolest gifts online, and yes, some are pretty random!  No more brainstorming and fretting about the perfect gift.  The gifts that you need are all here.  We all know that the proper gift is important because it says a lot about who you are, why you care, and how you pay attention to that certain special someone in your life.  This site is up and running with the best gifts for mom, dad, spouse, girlfriend, brother - you name it and we have a stellar present that you never even thought existed!  You can buy everything on the web these days, so why not find something super special without the hassle.  Don’t shed one more tear!  Have no fear your gift service is finally here!  Just in time for the holidays!

Everybody needs a little assistance buying the perfect gift.  Great gift ideas are very hard to come by for that quirky borther-in-law, a wildly outrageous sister, or your picky nephew.  Our site directs you to the gifts that are foolproof for anyone and everyone.  We have the best goodies all compiled on the website that is easy to navigate.  No need to search thousands of poor websites with limited items, stressful layouts, and just plain bad design.  Have no fear, everything you need is right here at Help I Need Gift Ideas.

 When we are trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone we go through quite a process.  It begins with the hair pulling, then the crying, and just straight up anxiety for weeks… not knowing where to look for that brillant token of afffection!  Now that you have found this website, you will understand how to fix your gift giving problems!  In the process, we will learn a bit about not only the best gifts to give, and how to give them, but we will explore the history of why it is important to give a gift, and the holidays that require the most reflective offerings like:  Birthday, Christmas, and of course lets not forget Valentine’s Day!  Why do we give gifts?  Here is the psychology behind this interesting phenomenon…

 Why is it that we have been giving gifts for centuries?  Well, it happens that gifts are given without the expectation of reciprocity - by definition.  That is what makes gifts so special. Gifts can come in many different forms: money, goods, and well… even services. Gifts tend to make people happy.  I know you don’t want to believe it, but when you give your girlfriend those pearls for Christmas you can guarantee that you will be in high favor.  Gifts are an act of kindness, forgiveness, and love.  Spread the love with Help!  I need gift ideas! Seriously.  

Gifts are often packaged in some interesting manner.  It happens all over the world, across cultures!  I must note that your packing material must be presentable, fantastic, and interesting. Often when you are wrapping the present a note must be accompanied with the package denoting the name of the gift giver and the addressee.   Notes are vital and very distinctive in the gift giving process.  When you are writing a note, something more than your name would be preferred.  Showing that you actually took the time to tell the person why you care about him or her is like having two gifts in one!  

Now lets discover Birthday gift giving:  it is the most imperative holiday to remember because it is so individual.  Birthday cakes, birthday candles, birthday wishes can all go to hell when you compare the actual birthday gift!  Birthday gifts are like no other.  Birthday gifts have no bounds:  jewelry (personal favorite), clothes/shoes/bags (another personal favorite - hint, hint, my honey bear - I hope you read this!), star wars memorabilia for your sweet brother, and don’t forget that set of bullet shot glasses for your boyfriend.  You know he would love those for a night with his frat boys!  Birthday gift ideas are ready for you on this website at your fingertips!

Hark! The herald angels are not going sing gift ideas to you.  That is why you first need the Internet, and then direct yourself to Help! I need gift ideas!  Online shopping has made all the difference.  If you haven’t joined this community, it is time. The holiday season is fast approaching and who really wants to go to the mall and find a great gift?  Going to the mall is so 1982, and just plain out of date.  Don’t live in the past.  Go into the future.  One stop shopping is of the essence so you can enjoy your eggnog and Andy Williams by the fire!  Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas…  No Jesus or hail Jesus, you need to find specific gifts.  Holiday season is once a year, and I promise you, that you will feel like a scrooge if you don’t participate in the love. 

Speaking of love… Let’s get to my favorite holiday – Valentine’s Day.  If I didn’t have a lover, boyfriend, or husband - I would find one fast to celebrate this holiday!  There is nothing more special than a gift from your loved one.  Often, people go to dinner, have a bit of steak, and too much wine and go for the gusto… But where are the gifts?  I will promise you the best evening you will ever have if you give a gift to your lover…  Chocolates, scarves, Chanel handbags (I really hope my boyfriend catches on to that one), and books!  Every gift counts.  Traditionally speaking, when one tries to express love they try to impress their lover with lavish gifts example:  Richard Burton made up with Elizabeth Taylor a hundred times over when he would buy her gifts after many of their wild arguments!  Gifts are the way to any heart.  

Let’s “wrap” this up!  Gift giving is the ultimate way to impress all those around you, to show that you love and care, but the right gift matters most.  That is why Help! I need a gift will be your ultimate guide! 

Sunbeam Donut Maker

Make homemade donuts in just minutes!
$29.41 (

4G USB Ninja

A super sweet ninja USB stick!
$23.92 (

Quartz Melting Clock

The coolest clock you've ever seen!
$18.39 (

Robot Tea Infuser

Your own personal robot to help you out with that cup 'o tea!
$16.16 (

Redneck Wine Glass

The perfect party accessory for the reckneck in your life!
$9.75 (

Happy Man Bottle Stopper

The happiest way to plug your bottle!
$9.50 (

Happy Man Corkscrew

This little red man is more than happy to help you uncork your bottle ;) !
$10.10 (

Turbie Twist

A way more comfortable and efficient way to dry your hair
$21.99 (

USB Charger for iPod and iPhone

Another way to charge our favorite i-gadgets!
$18.75 (

4 inch Glass Hanging Terrarium

Add some spark to your walls with this hanging terrarium!
$11.97 (

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

Bear Grylls is one bad dude, and having his survival kit will surely make any outdoor enthusiast excited!
$36.19 (

Water Bottle with Storage

Ever been out exercising and can't find anywhere to put your keys, cash or ID? Now we have this sweet invention.
$12.99 (

Glass Skull Shaped Beer Pitcher

Look extra hardcore with this skull shaped beer pitcher and impress all your friends!
$12.99 (

Pizza Stone

Making a great pizza starts with the crust. Get it just right with this pizza stone.
$50.00 (

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

All the hipsters out there will probably want one of these!
$39.95 (

Beer Bottle Glass

Psych out your drinking buddies with this upside down beer bottle glass.
$15.00 (

Bear Claw Meat Forks

How do you get that hot meat off the grill? Use these awesomely useful bear claw meat hooks.
$13.79 (

Pizza Saw

This power tool look alike will saw through any pizza you can throw at it!
$11.28 (

BAC Breathalyzer

It would be great to test how drunk you are before driving home! This thing costs less than a DUI that's for sure!
$139.99 (

Crispy Edges Brownie Pan

Every kid and probably adult knows that the edge of the brownie pan is the best.
$34.95 (

Your Ex Knife Holder Set

Most people have an ex they've come to despise. Make a joke out of it with this sweet knife set!
$79.99 (

Rechargeable USB Batteries

These AA batteries aren't just rechargeable... you can do it in your USB slot!
$16.08 (

Suit Pajamas

Go to bed in style in these awesome suit pajamas. They're from How I Met Your Mother and are super comfy!
$99.95 (

Ecosphere Self Sustaining

These are a pretty awesome invention from NASA, and they make a great conversation starter.
$53.98 (

Shotgun Shot Glass 12 Gauge

Take a blast of alcohol to the face and not a shotgun shell. These awesome shot glasses are pretty clever.
$14.95 (

Adjustable Measuring Cup

We've all been there - where is that missing measuring cup? Now you only need one.
$9.10 (

Pet Hoodies

Dressing your pets up in clothes is always funny. Check out these awesome pet hoodies.
$8.00 (

Giant Wine Glass

This giant wine glass holds an entire bottle of wine. If you're a wino or a connoisseur grab this baby.
$19.79 (

Beer Ammo Bandolier

Throw a 12-pack of beer on your chest and rock out with the beer ammo bandoleer!
$32.95 (

Vibram Five Fingers Barefoot Shoes

Who knew barefoot running would "take off" like this! Get to know your feet with these barefoot running shoes!
$59.90 (

Burberry Scarf

This savvy scarf will be wrapped around her neck, and you will have her wrapped around your finger!
$495.00 (


Pashminas are the greatest gift idea for your mom, girlfriend, or sister! Savvy style is it with a pashmina!
$5.99 (

Hanky Panky Underwear

Hanky Panky is your panty source: lace, cotton, and everything in between these panties got you covered!
$11.99 (

Jo Malone

Jo Malone of London is the best company to buy fragrance for the most discerning women and men around the world! The most sophisticated colognes and perfumes!
$59.99 (

Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt

Tell women to howl at this baby! Or perhaps, tell the men to howl at this baby!
$26.00 (

Wireless Router

Look, if you are searching for gifts online then you need this obviously! The easiest and fastest router to use on the planet.
$49.99 (

Book Light

Don't keep your loved one up at night with the light on! We know Twilight and Game of Thrones keeps you up till the wee hours!
$16.99 (

Yoga Mat

Namaste. If you don't own a yoga mat you should. Yoga will change your life. Get motivated.
$34.95 (

Rice Cooker

Cooking Rice is the hardest thing since baked bread! This rice cooker will perfect this most stubborn dishes!
$114.88 (

Diy Micro Brewery Kit

A perfect gift for the beer connoisseur!
$42.95 (

Gin and Titonic Ice Cube Mold

A fun addition to any cocktail!
$6.55 (

Guitar Ice Cube Mold

Buy this for the music lover in your life!
$8.62 (

Miracle Fruit

Throw a tasting party for you and your friends with this trippy fruit!
$14.99 (

Pizza Scissor Spatula

The most efficient pizza tool ever made!
$11.99 (

Shot Glass Roulette

A creative new drinking game that's sure to get you and your friends loaded
$15.95 (

Wine Aerator

Be Classy. No more box wine! But if so, put it in the best wine Aerator avaliable!
$29.66 (

Hand Weights

If you get these hand weights people might ask you: You need to go to the vet. Becasuse those pythons are sick!
$7.50 (


Do you still live in 1992? Well, people can tell if your television was made in that year.
$998.00 (

Whiskey Ice Cube Stones

Drink your whiskey without the watered down taste!
$19.99 (

The Ice Luge

A fun way to get the booze flowing!
$24.99 (

Bamboo Keyboard With Mouse

Out with the old boring black, in with this creative new keyboard and mouse!
$58.70 (

Cordies Cable Management

Messy cords no more! Perfect gift idea for those who are organization obsessed
$9.99 (

Electronics Cleaning Putty

Keep your keyboard looking new with this electronics cleaning putty!
$7.05 (

Gutter Cleaning Robot

Be the talk of the neighborhood with this hands free gutter cleaning robot!
$125.99 (

Magnetic Toy Balls

The perfect desk accessory to help keep your hands busy while your mind works!
$20.00 (

Mobile Alarm Clock

Never sleep in again with this ingenious mobile alarm clock!
$31.00 (

Pivot Power

Finally a power bar that works with you and not against you!
$29.99 (

Pixel Mouse

A fun and quirky gift idea!
$19.99 (

Rock-It 2.0 Portable Speaker

Speakers anywhere, anytime!
$23.95 (

Virtual Infrared Keyboard

All the benefits of a full size keyboard, packed into the convenient size of a pocket lighter!
$169.99 (

A Song Of Ice and Fire: A Game Of Thrones

Grab one of the best fantasy series ever written. Very popular this year!
$86.31 (

Credit Card Toolkit

Tools on the go!
$17.19 (

Handcrafted Mahogany iPhone Case

Encase your iPhone in luxury!
$59.95 (

Hardback Leather Book Laptop Case

A twist on the conventional laptop case
$79.99 (

iPhone Leather Book Case

Ditch the wallet and protect your phone at the same time!
$60.00 (

iPhone Money Clip Case

A slick new way to carry your phone and cash!
$28.94 (

Tangle Free Zip Up Earbuds

Finally, a pair of tangle free ear buds!
$39.99 (

Bobble Brush

A cool and sanitary way to store your toothbrush
$13.01 (

Click n Cook

A great new invention in the land of kitchen tools!
$34.99 (

Coffee Table Aquarium

An over-the-top gift for that special someone!
$660.20 (

Critter Cruiser

Have your pet ride in style!
$12.54 (

Face Down Lounger

A comfortable way to tan your back
$145.00 (

Five Fingers Knife Set

A badass way to store your knives
$49.95 (

Human Key Holders

Modern and unique key holders
$29.95 (

Jewelry Holder Tree

A great way to display and organize your favorite jewelry
$59.99 (

Magazine Cover Pillowcases

Pillowcases with some flare!
$39.99 (

Magic Wand Tv Remote

Cast a spell on your TV!
$65.92 (

Metal Chain Wine Rack

Showcase your favorite wine bottle!
$29.53 (

Mini Cottage Incense Burner

Throw away those boring candles and fill your house with the sweet smell of incense!
$54.99 (

Pool Couch

Soak in the sun alongside your loved one
$79.99 (

Self Sustaining Ecosphere

A hassle free pet for the family
$53.98 (

Sleep Better Pillow

No more aches, pains, or trouble sleeping with this sleep better pillow
$99.99 (

Wake Up Light

Enough with the harsh wake ups, start your day off right
$89.22 (

Flexible Monster Lamp

A furry bedside friend!
$28.32 (

Great White Shark Bookbag

Make all your school pals jealous with this unique backpack
$19.99 (

Inflatable 14 Foot Iceberg

Tough enough to sink the Titanic!
$5999.00 (

Inflatable Walk On Water Ball

Perform the impossible- walk on water!
$459.00 (

Nintendo Controller Wallet

A gift for the mega-gamer
$15.00 (

Shark Sleeping Bag

Ever want to spend the night in the jaws of a ferocious shark? Now you can!
$299.95 (

Dollar Stacks Wallet

If you love money, this is the perfect wallet for you
$19.25 (

Medieval Hand Blades

Scare off your enemies with these weapons!
$28.95 (

BBQ Scented Candles

Smell up your man cave with BBQ aroma. Fruity candles move over!
$9.99 (

Gummi Bear Shot Glasses

Need a great gift for someone who doesn't mind partying? These gummi bear edible shot glasses are awesome!
$18.95 (